Use Your Words for SEO

Whether you’re happy with your ranking on search engines, or you’re looking to improve your ranking, keeping up with SEO tips can be useful for your business. Use the suggestions below for prioritizing the language you use and include in your online materials in order to improve your SEO.

If you’re not hiring a specialized company to help assist you with your site and its rankings, you can still manage your content to more effectively achieve SEO ranking by choosing and reviewing the words you choose. For instance, periodically consider whether keywords or titles can be changed to better describe your business, especially if you find you’re getting lost in the crowd when you perform an organic search for your business.

Consider adding captions to all photographs and other visual material you include on your sites to better assist search engines in classifying materials you’ve included on your sites. The old rules about challenges in categorizing visual materials still apply.

Make sure that your images all include alt text. You can easily add alt text by following specific instructions on how to do so that provides for alt text or for title/alt text or some such other variation. You’ll know if you’ve successfully added such text because the words you include will come up when you put your mouse over the image.

In your written content for blogs or newsletters, include references in your main text to images you’ve included on your site that include language you’ve also included to caption the images.

If your online materials include videos, including a transcript of the video can be helpful in terms of helping search engines sort through your content. Although, less often thought about, videos are also images and are frequently more difficult for search engines to sort through than text.

Save time by making double-duty use of the work you perform in terms of captioning text or including transcripts for video by reusing the content or the words you’ve chosen on your other sites. You will not be committing the major no-no in the search engine world of producing duplicate material simply by capitalizing on the work you do and including it on your other sites.

If your sites include podcasts, you should also try to make sure that your podcasts are available on iTunes. iTunes provides podcast producers with easy to follow directions on how to get a podcast published on iTunes.

Regardless of how you choose to better craft words that will improve your SEO, make sure that you don’t commit the SEO sin of keyword stuffing. If you’re unsure about whether your text is going to be flagged for keyword stuffing, do some research ahead of time for tips to avoid keyword stuffing. Writing naturally, is often advised as an excellent means of avoiding keyword stuffing.

If you’re looking to improve or maintain your SEO, the words you choose to express yourself throughout materials online are important. Use the suggestions above to improve SEO by paying attention to the words you use.

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