The Top Ten Easy Ways You Can Market Yourself Through Facebook

When you think of the Facebook social media platform, you might at first think it was a wonderful invention that lets you keep in touch with long lost friends and relatives. However, it is also a great way to market your products and services to millions of Internet users that can see your content many times a day. Here are the top ten easy ways you can do this.

1. Get your fan base up in total count by providing interesting content that gets shared. The more people that like your page, the more prospects you have when you run a promotional message or sale. However, the trick to this is to rarely run them. Instead, put up pieces of content that are valuable or entertaining. If you can get a laugh, you can get a share.

2. Always keep branding in mind. Even though most of your content won’t be blatant sales promotions or calls to action, it should still sell your product. For instance, a cruise line rarely plugs one of their actual cruises, but posts daily pictures from their cruises to create longing and demand.

3. Entice responses. Ask questions and get your followers to comment back. Getting them involved not only draws them in more to your content, it helps them personally identify with your brand. It also gives you unprecedented insight into their wants and needs about what you can possibly offer them in the future.

4. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. On Facebook, a good image is worth even more. Most Facebook users are just scrolling through their feed and not actually reading everything. Use images whenever you can to stand out and make an immediate emotional impact.

5. When you hit certain milestones, let your followers have a celebration. Offer a percentage off one of your products or services when you pass 10,000 or a million subscribers. Only put that promotional code on Facebook for loyalty reward purposes.

6. Run contests or even just give something away. Always make your Facebook account interactive and have a carrot for people to both join up and stay.

7. Don’t always be original. Sometimes, your best content is going to come from your own subscribers or even from others. Never fear sharing it on your page. When readers see that you share from others, they will not feel bad sharing your content.

8. Post videos. This is able to be done on Facebook via embedding, but it is actually rarely done. Video content lets you convey emotions, feelings and even body language in ways that text and images can not convey.

9. Occasionally remind your followers to like your posts. Facebook shows your posts less and less often to those who do not interact with them, so this gentle reminder is a great way to boost your profile stats.

10. Always keep things professional. Even though Facebook has roots from social networking on a college campus, it is a cornerstone of society now. Keep things clean and not offensive.

Facebook has practically taken over the Internet. Make sure that you are in there representing what you sell, so that those out there interested can do business with you. The ten tips presented here will let you do just that.

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