Creating a Blog that is more Social for Social Media Marketing

If you’ve undertaken creating a business blog, you’ve likely fallen into some formatting habits that may be reducing your blog’s effectiveness in terms of social media marketing. Use the suggestions below to revamp your blog with an emphasis on its social capabilities.

Always include questions that you pose to readers to maximize your blog’s social potential as a communication choice with your customers versus a newsletter. While you may enjoy writing newsy articles for your blog, you miss the opportunity to get feedback from readers if you are using a newsletter format that omits inviting reader response.

Determine what you’re afraid of that could be holding back your blog’s effectiveness. From too many customer responses to no responses to saying the wrong thing, there are pitfalls when you invite the public to engage with you about your business. If you’re very worried about a negative consequence of blogging, choose a different form of communication with your customers rather than spending time and effort on a boring blog.

Include content that indicates that you’re interested in your customer’s experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and changes you’re making to address their concerns. While you don’t want to support an online flood of comments criticizing your company, if you’ve had repetitive complaints, your blog is a great place to address changes you’ve made in response to customers. By taking charge of negative customer experiences in a positive way, for instance by writing about how you’re improving the checkout process in response to consumer frustration, you’re not only engaging with your customers but promoting a positive business change.

If no one is reading your blog, consider including special offers that only appear on your blog site, such as links to coupon offers. Your blog’s content should not be confined to coupon offers but coupons can jump start your blog’s readership.

Use an outline that includes a well-defined purpose of your blog post and what specific response you’d like to evoke from your readers before composing a blog post.

Don’t include comments without going through them first. Blogs provide you with the ability to preview comments before publishing or not publishing comments at all which will prevent you from having to take additional steps to weed out advertisers looking to get their links on your blog pages and will prevent you from having to apologize for inappropriate posts.

If you have not achieved desired readership of your blog, consider producing a hard-copy of some of your more popular posts and including them with customer purchases. The costs of making hard copies is a consideration but the inclusion of the hard copy can jump start readership with your promise of more interesting blog posts by visiting your blog site.

Maximizing the social benefits of spending time writing for a business blog requires that you periodically determine whether your blog is supporting customer interaction with your business and its practices. Use the suggestions above to review your blog policies and improve the social aspects of using your blog as part of your social media marketing.

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